2 Women Cross the US on Electric Motorcycles

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Who says you can’t pull off a massive road trip with an electric motorcycle?

Over the course of 3,333 miles, two women used CAKE Kalk electric motorcycles to drive from New York City to Los Angeles. It took 62 days and about 124 charges per person. They pulled off another win for the Swedish company’s mission: “The Electric Conquest of Continents.”

This journey, spearheaded by CAKE’s U.S. Sales Manager Jackie Rosenstein and motorcyclist Bobbie Long, is meant to show that electric vehicles are the future of eco-friendly transportation — even at long distances.

Electric Conquest of Continents

The company’s “Electric Conquest of Continents” started its metaphorical engines in the spring of 2023. That’s when Sinje Gottwald used a CAKE bike to complete a solo and unassisted ride across Africa, from Barcelona, Spain, to Cape Town, South Africa.

Now, Rosenstein and Long have followed in her tiretracks. They started their journey in CAKE’s New York City headquarters before cruising down the iconic Route 66. That meant traversing diverse terrains and facing a variety of challenging conditions before reaching CAKE’s other corporate site in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

“Jackie and Bobbie’s journey, echoing Sinje’s African adventure, is a crucial step in demonstrating the viability of zero-emission vehicles in long-distance travel and adventure riding,” Mark Bense, CAKE’s Head of Operations for North America, said in a press release.

Long and Rosenstein needed 124 charges and about 2 months to traverse the USA on CAKE motorcycles; (photo/CAKE)

North America by Electric Motorcycle

According to CAKE, Rosenstein and Long became the first female duo to traverse North America on electric motorcycles. The journey across the U.S. represents another tick mark in CAKE’s mission to cross all continents using electric motorcycles — exclusively ridden by women. These journeys are about more than avoiding fossil fuels and the experience of silent riding, company leaders said. They also serve as a proving ground for CAKE’s motorcycles.

“The Electric Conquest of Continents is not just about demonstrating the capabilities of our electric motorcycles,” Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of CAKE, said in the release. “It’s a movement towards inclusiveness and sustainability in motorcycling.”

Of course, CAKE still has five continents to go, including Antarctica. But the company has clearly come a long way, literally and otherwise, since receiving GearJunkie’s Best in Show award at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show.

We wouldn’t bet against them.


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