200-HP Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle Now Available In US Dealerships



  • Verge Motorcycles opens official dealerships in California to offer high-performance electric motorcycles to American consumers.
  • Prices for the Verge TS variants start at $26,900, with three variants on sale.
  • California is an important market for Verge, with stores in Los Angeles and San Jose attracting motorcycle enthusiasts.

If you’re into high-performance electric motorcycles, you must’ve heard about the Verge. The European bikemaker has the TS electric motorcycle in its lineup that’s made all the right kind of noise worldwide. And yes, that includes America.

However, like most new EV companies, interested customers have had no way to check the bike in the flesh. That has finally changed now, as the company has opened two official dealerships in the United States of America. Here’s where you need to head.


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Verge Motorcycles Opens Official Dealerships In San Jose And Los Angeles

Verge TS Pro Blue Ocean Side
Verge Motorcycles

The company has joined hands with George Blankenship (who contributed to the success of both Apple and Tesla retail stores) to chalk up its store strategy. The first dealerships has opened at the Westfield Century City Shopping Center in Los Angeles whereas the second is situated in Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. Both stores are already running in full swing as we speak. Why California, you ask?

Blankenship, Verge’s Chief Revenue Officer, explains:

I see the same potential in Verge as I did at Apple two decades ago and Tesla one decade ago when those companies set out to completely redefine their industries. I want Verge to be positioned wherever lots of people are spending time on a regular basis finding new things they might be surprised to see. Westfield Century City is one of the best shopping centers in the world, making it a perfect place for us to start our store operations in the United States.

Prices Of The Verge TS Starts From $26,900

Black Verge TS Ultra electric motorcycle
Verge Motorcycles

This is also a good time to refresh you on the prices. Verge sells the TS in three variants: TS, TS Pro, and TS Ultra. The standard model sells at $26,900 while the Pro and Ultra are priced at $29,900 and $44,900, respectively. To no one’s surprise, the difference in pricing is largely down to different specs and performance between the trio.

The TS has a peak power output of 107 horsepower and 516 pound-feet. The Pro ups that number to 137 horsepower and 737 pound-feet, whereas the Ultra tops things off with an impressive 201 ponies and 885 pound-feet. A special mention also goes to the full Ohlins suspension, Galfer brakes, and loads of intelligent tech present on the top-spec model.


The 200-HP Verge TS Ultra E-Motorcycle Just Became More Innovative At No Extra Cost

Cameras, radars, and an all-new TFT dash are all included on the TS Utra now

All this is topped by a difference in range, acceleration figures, and charging times, as mentioned below.



TS Pro

TS Ultra


155 miles

217 miles

233 miles


4.5 seconds

3.5 seconds

2.5 seconds

Top speed

112 miles per hour

124 miles per hour (restricted)

124 miles per hour (restricted)

Fast charging time

55 minutes

35 minutes

25 minutes

Pekka Parnanen, Chief Operating Officer of Verge USA, says:

The United States is already seen as one of our most important markets. Many of the pre-orders for our bikes have come from the western region of the U.S. and California consumers in particular are widely known for appreciating and adopting new innovations. Our new stores in Los Angeles and San Jose will begin the rollout of our Verge experience to as many American motorcycle enthusiasts as possible.

Source: Verge Motorcycles


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