ASYNC’s first electric motorbike X1 gathers suggestions from riders to finish its final design


ASYNC unveils first design for its electric motorbike X1


ASYNC releases a glimpse of its first electric motorbike, the X1, resembling a motocross vehicle suitable for both city cruising and off-road riding. A break from its bazooka-styled electric bike, dirt motorbike design cues ooze from the brass copper-looking forks. An eye-catching visual feature emerges from the presence of the X shape. The battery is wrapped in metal below the seat, housed in an X-constructed enclosure.


A light indicator can be installed in the battery too, so the rider can know whether it is time to plug the electric motorbike for charging. ASYNC’s X1 comes with a V-shaped leather seat too that may offer both comfort and support for the rider’s back. From the get-go, the design of the electric motorbike opts for the essentials, stripping any grandeur and additional visual elements to focus on minimalist impact.

async x1 electric motorbike
images courtesy of ASYNC



Riders to finalize the design of X1


Announcing its first electric bike comes with a twist since ASYNC says that the presented model of X1 is not yet final. The design team imagines the motocross-looking vehicle to be versatile, thus they have opened their doors to vehicle enthusiasts to finish the design of X1. In the co-creation program, ASYNC and electric motorbike fans unite to pitch their design ideas, and they can do so by signing up for the program, open only to 100 participants. The bike brand says that one of the co-producers is lucky enough to take home one of the real-life models they co-designed.

async x1 electric motorbike
ASYNC X1’s design is set to be finalized by the brand’s 100 co-producers



ASYNC’s electric motorbike to be produced later


In the end, ASYNC will review all the submitted design works and together with the participants, they will add and remove parts, elements, and equipment that can define the final product of X1. Later on, ASYNC is expected to produce X1 for anyone to own. The initial model presented by ASYNC looks like a good starting point for the evolution of the electric motorbike, given that it only employs the essential tools and design elements. Technological and design trends may come up too during the design process, ranging from removable and modular parts to HD panoramic display screens and lock-unlock features only using a smartphone.

async x1 electric motorbike
so far, the electric motorbike’s battery is wrapped with metallic material



So far, ASYNC imagines X1 to have enough battery power to take it to speeds up to 50 miles per hour with a range of over 60 miles. The plan is to give the electric motorbike a front suspension with a 200mm travel range. ‘Keep in mind that these numbers are indicative as we want to incorporate the design needs and ideas from our co-creator,’ says ASYNC. ‘You can share your opinions and suggestions and help us shape the final features of the X1. Together, we can create the ultimate e-bike for your lifestyle.’

async x1 electric motorbike
a flower-like design for the headlights

async x1 electric motorbike
engraving of the co-creation program on ASYNC X1

async x1 electric motorbike
rear view of the electric motorbike’s initial design


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