E-Moto Specialist Trevor Motorcycles Eyeing Expansion Across Europe, US


Belgian electric motorcycle specialist Trevor Motorcycles is eyeing big expansion in 2024. Having previously made headlines due to its impressive DTRe Stella model, the company has a series of launches lined up for 2024, which include a more accessible model called the Vince, as well as a high-performance electric motocrosser.

When it comes to the company’s go-to-market approach, Trevor Motorcycles isn’t exactly following the norm. While other startups focus their attention on a strong online presence and e-commerce platforms, Trevor Motorcycles insists on doing things the old fashioned way. This means that it’s seeking out brick and mortar dealerships all across the world. Of course, this isn’t to say that Trevor is completely abandoning the online space, as the company indeed has an intuitive and interactive website.

Trevor DTRe Stella Electric Motorcycle Charges Into US Market

Trevor’s goal is pretty hefty: to put up 280 sales points with 140 spread across Europe and the UK, and another 140 across the US and Canada. Indeed, back in 2023, we announced the Trevor Motorcycles was indeed making its way to the US market, selling its DTRe Stella handbuilt motorcycle for $11,975 USD. In order to achieve its goal of expansion, particularly in the European market, Trevor Motorcycles has teamed up with our friends at The Pack. The Pack, headed by Guy Salens, has expertise in the field of electric mobility, backed by a strong community of passionate enthusiasts who are all about electric motorcycles.

As we’ve discussed in the past, Trevor Motorcycles is all about innovating urban transportation with its electric two-wheelers. In the case of their distribution via dealerships across the world, the company is eyeing partnerships with powersports and motorcycle dealers that specialize in outdoor and extreme sports such as flat track, enduro, motocross, and off-roading.

Trevor DTRe Vince - Hero

While the DTRe Stella is well and truly a premium offering, the brand is expected to release the more affordable DTRe Vince in 2024. Trevor’s co-founder Jeroen-Vincent puts it this way: ““The Vince takes all the beloved features of our Stella and refines them to create a more affordable option. In the US market, it will be priced at $8,260 (before taxes), while in Europe it will cost €9,950 (including VAT). Pre-orders are now open for 195,00 EUR with expected delivery in fall 2024.”

While still carrying quite a hefty premium, the Vince undoubtedly makes Trevor’s impressive portfolio more accessible to a wide audience. For reference, it’s powered by a mid-drive motor with a peak output of 11 kilowatts (about 15 horsepower) putting it at par with 125cc gas-powered two-wheelers in terms of performance.

Even more impressively, Trevor Motorcycles has announced that it’s currently working on a high-performance electric platform. This new platform is expected to give birth to an all-new electric motocross prototype that the company will soon showcase to the public. Set to go head-to-head with the likes of the Stark Varg and other powerful off-roaders, Trevor’s new electric motocrosser is hoped to be homologated in motocross races in the near future.


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