Electric bike sellers and cycling experts explain the pros and cons


Whenever possible, 64-year-old Dartmouth resident Joan Dalton says she’ll opt to ride a bicycle to her daily destinations and errands, as she’s done for most of her life. So naturally, the prospect of keeping pace with her on a bike ride can be daunting for many people her age, as she says it was at one time for her partner, Steve.

Then, they got their electric bikes.

“He said I want one so I can keep up with you. I said oh no, I already know how this goes: If you get one and I don’t, I won’t be able to keep up with you!,” Dalton said of what led to their electric bicycle, or “e-bike,” purchases coming up on two years ago. “I have an aunt and uncle who got e-bikes a long time ago and that’s what happened with them.”


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