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Rider on a Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle stopped on a street, overlooking a city.
If you’ve been waiting for the best electric motorcycle with the right combination of range, speed, comfort, and price, the new Ryvid Anthem may be the answer. The Anthem can travel up to 75 miles on a charge, and its 75+ mph maximum speed means you won’t have to avoid highways.

The Anthem’s seat height adjusts from 30 to 34 inches to accommodate a wide range of riders, and its competitive $8,995 price looks even better when you can reserve an Anthem in your choice of four colors for just $100.

Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle against a white background front fright three-quarter-view.
Ryvid / Ryvid

Why the Ryvid Anthem e-motorcycle matters

Electric motorcycles will be standard on U.S. roadways soon, perhaps in a year or two, but these are still early days for full-sized e-motorcycles. E-bike usage continues a post-COVID growth spurt, but most states’ 28 mph maximum legal speed rules out even the best electric bikes for practical use for touring or commuting. The Ryvid Anthem e-motorcycle goes fast enough and far enough on a single charge for average round-trip daily commuting distances.

Ryvid created the first Anthem prototype in 2022 and completed the first production models in Q3 2023. Thanks to a grant from the state of California, Ryvid is ramping up volume production of the Anthem in a new San Bernadino factory, leveraging the success of the early versions.

What makes the Anthem special

Ryvid focused on developing the Anthem as a lightweight e-mobility commuting vehicle that could do double duty for weekend adventures. The Anthem’s removable battery pack connects to the bike’s frame low and in front, which helps keep the center of gravity low for better handling. The bike’s 313 pounds are distributed roughly 50/50 front and rear.

A 72V brushless DC motor produces ten hp and 10.5 ft-lb of torque with 20 hp and 53 ft-lb peaks. The motor is IP 67 rated for moisture and dust resistance. The controller has a peak output of 250 amps and includes programmable braking regeneration to recapture a bit of battery power when not accelerating or cruising.

Ryvid will give $250 credit off Anthem’s $8,995 price to cover the cost of Basic Rider Training for new riders.

Ryvid says that with a level one charger plugged into a 110V standard home outlet, Anthem’s 4.3kWh lithium-ion battery with an integrated 3.3kW charger charges from empty to 80% in 2.3 hours and 100% in 3.25 hours. You can remove the battery pack from the motorcycle to charge it inside your home or charge the battery directly while it is installed on the Anthem.

The Anthem’s powerful hydraulic disc braking system includes a 320 mm front disc with a quad-piston caliper and a 240 mm rear disc with a dual-piston caliper. Inverted proportional front suspension forks with 100 mm of travel and the rear suspension shock with 33 mm of travel are adjustable to tailor the ride to individual weight and riding preferences. In addition to Eco and Sport riding modes, the Anthem has cruise control and a reverse mode, which is limited to 5 mph.

Two riders on Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycles stopped on a city street facing the camera.
Ryvid / Ryvid

E-motorcycle comfort and control matter

The Anthem load capacity is 330 pounds, including a rider, a potential passenger, clothing, and any additional cargo. The rider can control the seat height electronically with a button mounted on the handlebar. The adjustable seat is important not just to fit riders of different heights but also to help newer riders feel more secure by having a seat low enough that they can put both feet flat on the ground at a stop.

You must have a motorcycle license to ride the Anthem. To encourage new riders for e-motorcycle commuting and fun, Ryvid will give $250 credit off Anthem’s $8,995 price to cover the cost of Basic Rider Training for new riders. This offer is good for people who reserve a Ryvid Anthem with a nonrefundable $100 deposit between February 22 and March 30.

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