Four car features drivers are just discovering as Fiat owners are left stunned by ‘secret compartment’


CAR experts have revealed five little-known features in popular models, including a “hidden compartment” in some Fiats.

Thousands of motorists may not even realise they have access to some nifty extras, including one gadget to protect them from wet weather.

Experts have revealed four hidden car features that could make your life easier


Experts have revealed four hidden car features that could make your life easierCredit: handout
Some Fiat models have a secret compartment under one of the seats


Some Fiat models have a secret compartment under one of the seatsCredit: TikTok/kadymcgeachy

The team at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts shared some of their hot tips for discovering the obscure mod cons.

They advised: “There are many secret storage places in cars that drivers may not be aware of.”

Plus, since many are already included in your motor, they’re both free and easy to use.

Hidden hooks

Pretty much any car has a standard set of hooks littered around the interior.

Most commonly they are found under the grab handles by the passenger side doors.

Some models, though, have some extra anchor points around the central console in the front.

These can be used to hang bags, air fresheners and even clothes on the higher ones.

Have a check around your car and see if you can locate any more of the little plastic fixtures.

Beneath your feet

Vehicles with higher floors like SUVs or vans often have hidden storage spaces where you might least expect it.

Manufacturers sometimes install small gaps under the floor mats where you can pop a few loose items, or even hide valuables.

Drivers amazed by hidden features in new Skoda including tech that prevents dents

The experts at Nationwide recommended using them to house cleaning products or tools which you might need to hand while on the road.

Secret compartment

Owners of many Fiat cars have been urged to check to see if they have a special secret compartment in their vehicle.

A TikTok video revealing the useful trick amassed over 40,000 likes.

Commenters cried that they’d never even thought to look for the feature.

One wrote: “It took me two years to realise.”

If your car has one, it can be accessed by rolling the passenger seat back to reveal the compartment underneath.

Rain go away

Given how much rain we get in the UK an umbrella is a standard bit of kit pretty much all year round.

However, many Skoda drivers never have to worry about forgetting their brolly again since select models have one built-in.

The vital gadget is secreted away inside the front door and can be freed at the push of a button.


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