Fresh details about ‘Audi Chaiwala’


The number of young entrepreneurs in our country has gone up in the last 10 years. We now see many young minds coming forward with new and innovative ideas for their businesses. Although most of them have similar types of businesses, the way they approach customers often makes a significant difference. Remember, a few months ago, a video of a person selling tea from the back of an Audi luxury sedan went viral on the internet. A new video of the same person has now surfaced online, and this time, we have more details about the person available online.

The video has been uploaded by an Instagram page named “sachkadwahai.” The page has shared a reel about this person who sells tea from the back of an Audi luxury sedan. We have seen several articles and videos on the internet about people starting tea stalls with names of educational degrees like MBA and BTech. In this video, the page calls him the “Audi chaiwala,” but that is not the actual name of the venture.

The name of the person behind this venture is Mannu Singh. He calls it ODT or On Drive Tea, with the tagline “Think luxury, drink luxury.” The video of Mannu Singh selling tea from the back of a luxury German sedan caught the attention of people and quickly went viral on the internet. It was a great marketing strategy, especially considering the fact that there is a tea stall on almost every corner in our country. Tea is a crucial part of the Indian lifestyle, and we consume tea in large quantities every day.

Mannu Singh not only sells tea from the back of his Audi sedan but also allows people to sit inside the luxury car to enjoy the overall experience. Many people buying tea may have never seen the inside of a luxury car before. Audi Chaiwala is trying to offer a unique experience to the customers who come to him.

Audi Chai Wala: Fresh details surface about the man who sells tea from an Audi luxury sedan [Video]
Audi Chaiwala

Just like other videos on social media, many users have commented on this one as well. One user wrote, “People usually start a business to buy a big house and car; however, this guy has everything and has decided to sell tea.” Another user praised Audi Chaiwala, saying that it takes a lot of guts to do something like this. Some people even reacted in a funny manner, saying that one day we will start seeing parked aircraft on the roadside selling tea. The Audi seen in the video looks like an A6 sedan with Haryana registration number. We assume that Mannu Singh came up with the idea and decided to buy a used luxury car to execute it, as they are available at an affordable price, especially in the Delhi NCR region due to the 10-year rule for diesel cars. In the past we have also written about a 21 year old girl who is selling Pani Puri (Indian street snack) from a cart that is attached to her Royal Enfield motorcycle.


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