Cyberpunk 2077 wants to be like Grand Theft Auto to a certain extent, but there’s one area the game didn’t quite figure out on the way to launch, its use of cars.

I’ve previously written about how all of the game’s car-based sequences are on-rails scripted, and obviously there is no AI for elaborate police chases, and you cannot even fire out of a vehicle outside of select mission segments. Even regular traffic AI seems baffling at times.

And yet the game has a massive amount of cars for sale, and they are some of the most expensive things you can spend money on in the game, with many priced above even legendary weapons or cyberware from stores. You will be constantly buzzed by fixers trying to sell you new cars, so it’s hard to know which are good and which are bad other than simply going by price. But even that’s not a great idea.

Here’s what I would avoid, to start with:

Nearly any vehicle under $50K is probably not going to be worth your time (with one exception in this list). They look bad, they are not fast, and are usually just a collection of vans and hatchbacks that will be no better than the car you start the game with.

I would not bother saving up for the $250K Aerondight, the most expensive car in the game, as I do not think it’s dramatically better than most cheaper options, and if there’s a supercar you want, there are easier ways to get one.

I would also not bother with the super expensive Arch Nazare racing bike, again, outclassed by far cheaper options.

All in all, I wouldn’t buy more than a scarce handful of cars period, as you simply do not use them much other than to get from point A to point B, you can get a number of cars and bikes for free, and in segments like Claire’s races, it truly doesn’t even matter how fast your vehicle is. In fact, the faster it is, the more likely you are to miss turns due to the game’s too-zoomed-in minimap navigation system.

But if you want my picks, here they are:

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X motorcycle (Street Cred 12 – $22K) – This is a relatively cheap bike clearly modeled after the one for Akira. Bikes are great in Cyberpunk because they allow you to get around constantly clogged traffic lanes, and it’s one of the only times you can see your character in person. This was the first vehicle I bought. Nothing wrong with Jackie’s Arch, though, or the bike you’ll eventually get from the Nomads for free.

Mizutani Shion “Coyote” (Street Cred 20 – $115K) – This is my desert ride, as it will make navigating the dunes and long highways a breeze out in the badlands. It’s expensive, but actually worth it. There is a way to get a version of this car for free, but it requires you to effectively betray Panam, so just be a good person and save up for it.\

Quadra Type-66 “Javelina” (Street Cred 30 – $73K) – There are a few different versions of this car in the game, but the badlands Javelina one is easily the best, a blend of strength, speed, handling and Mad Max-style looks. And unlike some of these others, there’s no way to get one for free.

Rayfield Caliburn (Street Cred 40 – $157K or free) – For my money, this is probably the best all-around car in the game. It’s fast, handles well and is less clunky than the Aerondight for $100K less. And as many players have figured out, this is a car you can actually get in the game for free if you go to a secret spot in a desert tunnel. Here’s a video as to where to find it here. But if you want uh, both colors, you’ll have to pay for it.

That’s…kind of it. I really just don’t think it’s a good use of money to buy a bunch of cars in Cyberpunk given how many you can get for free through main or side missions or that you can find in secret locations on the map. I don’t see any reason to buy cheap cars because they’re bad and sluggish. I don’t see any reason to buy larger trucks and military-style vehicles as there is no real car combat in this game that you need to be “sturdy” for, ramming people off the road and such (with every sequence scripted, you cannot purposefully ram people of the road, in fact). So don’t bother.

Those are my picks, you might have your own, but I think this is one area of the game that needs further development before you invest too many of your Eddies into it.

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