Indonesia can be global electric motorcycle hub: association

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Electric Motorcycle Industry Association (Aismoli) said Indonesia has the potential to become one of the centers of the global electric motorcycle industry.

During a discussion in Jakarta on Thursday night, Aismoli Secretary Abdullah Alwi said that this is due to the large size of the Indonesian electric motorcycle market.

“By 2030, the world’s largest electric motorcycle sales will be obtained by China, second by India, and third by Indonesia. In the electric motorcycle market itself, Indonesia will be number 3 in the world in 2030, and this is not only a market, but an opportunity for an industrial base,” he highlighted.

He noted that currently, many companies that are trying to develop electric motors are starting to emerge in the country.

Thus, Indonesia will not only be an industrial base, but become an exporter of electric motors in the future, he predicted.

“To date, the population of electric motorcycles in Indonesia has reached 74,988 per month, and this is a significant increase, seeing that in 2020, the number was still only hundreds of units,” Alwi added.

A researcher and economist with the Center for Industry, Trade, and Investment, Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), Ahmad Heri Firdaus, said the use of two-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia is among the highest in ASEAN, reaching a scale of one motorcycle per four residents.

This means that the opportunity to convert to electric motorcycles is significant, in addition to being strategic in terms of the market and industrial business.

However, Firdaus said, Indonesia is still facing a big challenge in fulfilling its agenda to achieve zero emissions by 2060, with one of its roads converting gasoline motorcycles to electric versions.

Public confidence in electric motors still needs to be enhanced.

Although the adoption of electric motorbikes in Indonesia has increased significantly in recent years, it is still far from the government’s objective of 13.5 million electric motorbike sales by 2030.

“There are challenges that until now are still felt, not only technical things such as infrastructure as a whole, but the perception of people who are still in doubt related to how the power will be, then its durability, after-sales, and so on,” Firdaus said.

He suggested that both the government and electric motorcycle manufacturers try to be more vigorous in educating the Indonesian people about electric motorcycles to form an understanding that leads to trust.

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