Maeving RM1 Electric Bobber Lands In America



  • The Maeving RM1 features likable aesthetics with strong attention to detail such as premium saddle cover and bar-end mirrors.
  • Equipped with a 4.4kW electric motor and 118 pound-feet of torque, the RM1 can reach 45mph with ease.
  • Prices start at $6,495.

If you’re in the market for a capable yet affordable electric motorcycle, we have some good news. British bikemaker Maeving has officially entered America with two motorcycles, namely RM1 and RM1S. Both are competitively priced in the market, right on par with American-made bikes like the Ryvid Anthem. To jog your memory, Maeving had made its intention to enter the States back in September 2023.


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The Maeving RM1 Has A Minimalistic And Retro Design

Maeving RM1 electric motorcycle

Today, the electric motorcycle market is full of “futuristic” motorcycles. Yet, Maeving has opted to keep things simple with its creations. Accordingly, the RM1 boasts a minimalistic, retro aesthetic. Up top, you get a round headlight, flanked by a long fender and slim turn signals. This is topped by a fuel tank-like middle section that doubles up as a storage space for a second battery. The tail, meanwhile, comprises a bobber-inspired dangling saddle. A curvy fender and swingarm-mounted plate holder round off the tushy.

Then, there’s the likable attention to detail. The saddle has a premium light brown cover (on some color options), the handlebar wears bar-end mirrors, and the spoke wheels are blacked out for a premium look. We also dig the exhaust header-like pipe under the tank. As for liveries, you can pick between eight finishes for the tank (Green, Blue, White, Silver, Black, Gray, Sand, and Vincent).

Shining some light on the features, the RM1 spoils you with:

  • Semi-digital instrument cluster
  • All-LED lights
  • Removable battery
  • Three ride modes (Ride, Balanced, Range)
  • Combi-brakes

A 118 Pound-Feet Electric Motor Powers The Maeving RM1

Maeving RM1S

Under the svelte aesthetics, the RM1 hides a 4.4kW electric motor. It’s good for 118 pound-feet and joins hands with a 2kWh battery pack. Together, they ensure a top speed of 45 miles per hour and a claimed range of 30 miles (tested by WMTC method). You can double the range by plonking a second battery (sold separately) in the ‘tank’ section. Each battery takes four to five hours to juice up to 100 percent.

Think you need more oomph? Then, Maeving also sells the RM1S model. With a bigger battery and motor, it allows a top speed of 70 miles per hour and 80 miles of maximum range. Since the battery is up-sized, the new charging time is six hours.

Aside the battery, both bikes have the same underpinnings. A CrMo steel cradle chassis joins hands with telescopic forks and dual shock absorbers. This is partnered by 19/19-inch wheels, shod with Dunlop K70 tires. Concurrently, a 240 mm front and 180 mm rear disc help the 262-pound RM1 shed speed (RM1S weighs 293 pounds).

Prices Of The Maeving RM1 Start From $6,495

Maeving RM1 Full


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Maeving’s target with its EVs is to cater to the entry-level segment. And the prices tell a similar tale. The RM1 starts at $6,495 while the RM1S sells for $8,995. While the former undercuts the Kawasaki Z e-1, the latter is priced right on par with the 2024 Ryvid Anthem. Yes, the lack of features might not make the RM1 an epic proposition, but its likable aesthetic surely makes it a motorcycle worth considering.

Source: Maeving


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