My $45 driving essential could save you from breakdowns & prevent crashes caused by heat damage this summer


A DRIVING expert has shared summer vehicle tips to save vehicle owners if their vehicle breaks down.

Drivers must check their car maintenance schedules as temperatures rise, the expert said. A $45 kit can help if something goes wrong.

Millions of drivers are expected to hit the roads as summer temperatures increase


Millions of drivers are expected to hit the roads as summer temperatures increaseCredit: CBS News 8
An auto expert said a $45 purchase can save drivers if they encounter an emergency


An auto expert said a $45 purchase can save drivers if they encounter an emergencyCredit: CBS News 8

Millions of Americans have encountered heat waves and three-digit temperatures this summer.

The heat can take a toll on any driver, Anlleyn Venegas, a representative for Auto Club of Southern California, told San Diego-based CBS affiliate KFMB.

In fact, the emergency automotive club AAA predicts that around 800,000 vehicles will require assistance this week because of the heat.

“The heat can really affect vehicles if the maintenance is not up to date,” she said.

“We always tell drivers just to make sure to check your batteries, tires, fluid levels.”

Even if cars are well maintained, drivers face increased risk while operating vehicles in the summer.

Venegas said drivers should equip their cars with emergency kits.

She suggested filling the kit with water, snacks, a flashlight, a jumper cable, and extra batteries.

The kit should cost around $45.

“It’s really hard to predict roadside emergencies, which is why you should always have an emergency kit inside your vehicle,” she said.

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Venegas also said drivers should proceed cautiously when approaching vehicles pulled over in the emergency lane.

She suggested moving over at least one lane, if possible, to provide a safe distance between vehicles.

“This is just so that they can have extra space to feel a little bit more safe and also to prevent those crashes,” she said.

“Unfortunately, we do see more crashes during the summer.”

Finally, Venegas said drivers should maintain their air conditioning for safety.

Unfortunately, we do see more crashes during the summer

Anlleyn VenegasAuto Club of Southern California

Drivers can get quickly fatigued if their car’s cabin gets hot.

The station experimented with a sedan parked during a hot day in Southern California.

The car’s temperature skyrocketed from 80 degrees to 110 in two minutes.

Cars that are running air conditioning will burn more fuel.

Venegas warned that increased temperatures and air conditioning use will impact the pump.

“During the summer, we always pay more for gas historically because we use that summer blend gasoline, which is more expensive to produce and to distribute,” she added.

“But also there’s there’s more demand. We see that more people are driving, which means there’s more demand, and that’s always going to make gas prices go up.”


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