New LiveWire S2 Mulholland EV Is Coming Soon



  • LiveWire teases the S2 Mulholland, featuring a unique design with new ergonomics.
  • Based on the Arrow platform, the S2 Mulholland offers a modular design with lower weight and longer wheelbase.
  • The debut of the LiveWire S2 Mulholland is set for March 21, 2024. It will sit between the One and Del Mar models.

Back in November, we told you Harley-Davidson’s EV initiative was ready to unveil its third electric motorcycle soon. And now, we have official confirmation of the same. LiveWire has teased its new electric motorcycle–the S2 Mulholland–across social media. The launch is imminent, and the teaser shows a few interesting details. Here’s the lowdown.

The LiveWire S2 Mulholland Will Have A Different Design Than The Del Mar

2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire Action

One look at the teaser, and you’ll know the Mulholland will be different than the Del Mar. The biggest change we can see is the new ergonomics package. The handlebar seems to be a new tubular unit, complete with upside-down bar-end mirrors. This has made way for a new instrument cluster position between the tank and the handlebar. The Del Mar’s TFT is positioned in front of the handlebar, for reference. Also, there’s no windscreen/headlight mask here.

Other than this, one teaser shows the Mulholland’s tank features a central, curvy badge with the bike’s name, in place of the muscular and flat-track-inspired design of the Del Mar. A frontal shot gives away the oval LED headlight and horizontal strip-type turn signals–all inspired by the LiveWire One. There’s ample inspiration from the Del Mar, too. The spoke-like alloy wheels have the same pattern and wear Brembo calipers, just like the existing bike. Another notable inclusion is the belt drive and swingarm-mounted rear hugger.

Livewire Del Mar Electric motorcycle ev bike

As for mechanicals, the ‘S2’ in its name suggests the motorcycle is based on LiveWire’s Arrow platform. This is a modular design where the battery doubles up as a monocoque frame. It allows LiveWire to join different swingarms, handlebars, and electric motors, resulting in a lineup of bikes. There’s no news on the powertrain or performance specifications yet.

More details, meanwhile, are courtesy of the leaked type-approval documents from November. We know the S2MH (official abbreviation) has a saddle height of 30.25 inches and a ready-to-go weight of 429 pounds. Both are lower than the S2 Del Mar’s 30.9-inch saddle height and 436-pound heft, respectively. Additionally, the MH’s wheelbase is 0.6 inches longer than its sibling. All these changes hint the Mulholland could be a cruiser-type offering with a focus on corner-carving shenanigans.


LiveWire S2 Mulholland

LiveWire S2 Del Mar


57.8 inches

57.2 inches


429 pounds

436 pounds

Seat height

30.25 inches

30.9 inches

The LiveWire S2 Mulholland Will Debut On March 21, 2024


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Yes, you read that right! LiveWire’s third EV is set to break cover in just a couple of days on March 21, 2024. Once out, it will sit between the One and Del Mar. We can’t predict a price point just yet, but we have some trust in the EV brand. After all, the Del Mar is one of the most competitively priced American-made electric motorcycles out there. How much do you think would be a well-justified amount? Comment below!

Source: LiveWire


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