’Only three percent’ of drivers are aware of a car button feature ideal for traffic


Just three percent of motorists are aware of a feature found in most modern cars which could make life easier at traffic lights, according to a TikTok influencer.

The mode will ensure petrol, diesel and electric vehicles are held safely in place without motorists having to pull their handbrake or keep their foot on the pedal.

This is likely to help drivers get away from the lights quicker without getting bogged down.

The button is simply labelled ‘Auto Hold’ and is usually located on the centre console next to the vehicle’s gear stick. The feature may also be illustrated by a P logo in a circle.

TikTok user @skillfuldrivers raised awareness of the system in a quick social media video uploaded online.

They explained: “There is a very useful function in the car but only three percent of people know how to use it correctly.

“It is this brake hold button. Turn on the function. When the car is waiting for a traffic light you don’t need to put it in gear or apply the brake.

“The car will remain at a standstill and will not move. When the traffic light turns green we press the gas pedal lightly. The brake function will be automatically turned off.

“In addition when parking on a slope turn on this function even if you don’t apply the brake. The car will not slide down; it is very safe.”

Other TikTok users have addressed the tool with many praising how they have benefited from using the feature in their own vehicles.

@gemfuma commented: “I used my car with the button handbrake for test I had learnt with a manual one but I love my button handbrake.”

@debstar2005 posted: “I had a rental car and I kept pressing it to move and to stop then I realised that you only ever need to pull it up. My new car has it and it’s great for hill starts.”

@drivingapproach added: “Such a spoiled feature to get used to… when you get in a car without it after, it feels like something is missing.”

The tool is installed in many cars on UK roads including Volkswagen, Kia and Ford models.

Ford UK explained: “Auto Hold keeps the vehicle at a complete stop until you press the accelerator. This is useful in stop-and-go traffic and at traffic lights, so you can relax your foot more comfortably. The rear brake lights remain illuminated when Auto Hold is engaged.”

However, the popular car manufacturer urged road users to always take precautions when using the simple tool.

They added: “The system does not replace the parking brake. When you leave your vehicle, always apply the parking brake.”

The tool may not be located as a button in some vehicles and may be turned on simply by pushing down on the brake pedal.

TikTok account @mlhdriving stressed: “So in new cars, you’ve got a function called Auto Hold. Auto Hold is when you press the brake the car automatically brakes for you, it holds the car. To activate it press the brake pedal and that green sign ‘AutoHold’ comes on.”


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