REV’IT! and Zero Join Forces For “Electric Motorcycle Riding Gear”


Is riding gear the same whether you ride a gasoline-powered motorcycle or an electric motorcycle? Chances are the answer is yes, but it certainly won’t do you any harm if you opt for different gear when riding an EV motorcycle.

REV’IT! and Zero Motorcycles would certainly agree, as the two companies have joined forces in a bid to make electric motorcycle-centric riding apparel. According to the two companies, the goal is to combine Zero’s expertise in electric motorcycle technology with REV’IT!’s innovative riding apparel.

The end result is said to be a collection of gear that sets a new standard when it comes to safety, comfort, and style.

REV'IT! and Zero Join Forces On “Electric Motorcycle Riding Gear”

Now, let’s be real for a second here. REV’IT! and Zero’s collaborative gear lineup is clearly all about styling—leveraging Zero’s street and urban-focused aesthetic. Sure, it’s full of the safety tech we’ve come to know and love from REV’IT!, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel pressured to overhaul your gear wardrobe just because you have a new motorcycle—though a lot of us, myself included, are guilty of this.

Anyway, back to the gear collection.

REV’IT! and Zero have released a selection of apparel consisting of jackets, pants, and gloves, all of which are stylized after Zero’s urban aesthetic. Much like Zero’s bikes, the gear is understated, subtle, and sleek. You could easily mistake them for regular streetwear, as they do a great job of concealing their protective features.


Taking things up a notch, the companies say that they’re made out of eco-friendly materials like recycled fabrics. Furthermore, they’re said to be produced using low-impact production methods to “minimize their carbon footprint.”

According to Ivan Vos, the CEO of REV’IT!, the new gear lineup highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability. “We are thrilled to partner with Zero Motorcycles in creating this extraordinary collection … Together, we are revolutionizing electric motorcycle apparel by pushing the boundaries of design, performance, and sustainability.”

Meanwhile, Sam Paschel, the CEO of Zero Motorcycles, had this to say about the new gear collab: “The team at Zero Motorcycles has always shared REV’IT!’s passion for relentless innovation and respected their focus on premium design, performance, and safety. This new collaboration is an extension of our ambition to empower the amazing riding experiences of our collective community around the globe.”

New bike, new gear—this is something a lot of motorcyclists adhere to, and to be fair, shopping for brand new gear to accompany your brand new bike is lots of fun and extremely satisfying. The fact that Zero Motorcycles, a brand recognized for ushering in the electric era, has teamed up with REV’IT!, a well-respected brand in the gear and apparel segment, is a surefire way to get more people in on the electric mobility hype, all while having them don certified safety gear in the process.

A genius move, and a win-win for Zero and REV’IT!, and safety advocates alike.


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