See Great Wall’s Crazy 8-Cylinder Motorcycle Engine In All Its Glory


The massive touring bike is set for launch in China very soon.

A while back, we talked about a crazy touring motorcycle from China, one that would mark a first in the industry if and when it became a reality. This bike comes from Chinese automotive giant Great Wall Motor, and takes the form of an eight-cylinder touring bike that hopes to put the Honda Gold Wing to shame.

Now, in case you weren’t familiar, Great Wall Motor is one of the biggest car manufacturers in China, and sells more than one million vehicles every year. Here in the Philippines where I’m from, as well as in other Asian markets, Great Wall’s cars, sold under GWM and Haval branding, are gaining popularity.

And in the motorcycle segment, the company has just launched a subsidiary called Great Wall Souo, with Souo translating to “soul.” And Souo is expected to launch a whole lineup of premium two-wheelers in the near future, one of which is this wild eight-cylinder tourer which, as of the moment, doesn’t have a name just yet.

Images of Great Wall Motors president Wei Jianjun taking the bike for a spin have circulated on Chinese social media.

As for the bike itself, well, it hasn’t been officially unveiled. But it’s been seen in action completely undisguised, with images of the bike circulating on Chinese social media. It even appears that Great Wall Motor’s boss Wei Jianjun himself is the dude piloting this honker of a touring bike.

Judging from the images captured on social media, it appears that the finished bike will feature a cantilever-style front end, a chromed- out exhaust system, and massive bodywork that’s full of wind protection and built-in storage.

The engine was also recently showcased in Beijing, and it’s clear that Great Wall is by no means keeping its architecture a secret.

On the cylinder head covers, the engine proudly boasts an “8” stylized with wings that sort of make it look like the Bentley logo—no word on whether Bentley is seeking legal action. The covers are also finished in chrome, along with a bunch of other components on the top of the engine.

A close-up of the stylized eight-cylinder boxer engine.

As of this writing, however, Great Wall Souo has yet to reveal official specs and power figures of the engine. It’s estimated to be anywhere between 2,000cc to 2,500cc, so yes, it’s among the biggest production motorcycle engines out there, and the only production motorcycle engine of the modern era to feature an eight-cylinder boxer configuration.

Great Wall Souo is, however, expected to officially unveil the finished product on May 17, 2024. Hopefully by then, we’ll have all the answers to our questions.

With that being said, it’s clear to see that Chinese manufacturers like Great Wall Souo are taking the two-wheeled space extremely seriously. It’s interesting to note just how far made-in-China bikes have come. From cheap, small-displacement knock-offs a decade or so ago, to industry-firsts like this crazy eight-cylinder tourer—one thing’s for sure: Chinese bikes are here, and they’re here to stay whether we like it or not. 

What do you think of this massive eight-cylinder tourer? Would you take it for a spin? What swap should this motor go in to?

Let us know in the comments!

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