The Least Powerful Harley-Davidson Touring Bike On The Market Today



  • The 2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Limited is the least powerful touring bike, yet still boasts 93 horsepower for an enjoyable ride.
  • Equipped with a comfortable saddle, floorboards, and ample storage, the Road Glide Limited is designed for two occupants on long trips.
  • At $32,999, the Road Glide Limited is a top-tier touring bike that offers supreme comfort, modern tech features, and a smooth highway ride.

Walk into any Harley-Davidson dealership, and you will notice that a significant amount of space on the sales floor is dedicated to touring motorcycles. They are arguably the most popular class thanks to their size, power, comfort, style, and massive range for personal customization. So, whether you are taking a nice weekend cruise around town, or embarking on a grand cross-country road trip, these motorcycles have what it takes to make every ride fun and exciting.

With the new-and-improved Road Glide and Street Glide models being released in 2024, Harley-Davidson continues to veer much of its inventory into a more performance-based realm accompanied by sophisticated riding technology. Accordingly, the touring class is able to average more horsepower and torque than the previous lineup. These are no longer the alleged slow “old man bikes” that sports bike riders would describe them as. This is also proved by the Road Glide Limited. Although clocked in as the least-powerful touring bike, it still has nearly 100 ponies on tap for you to enjoy. The future is bright!

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The Most Powerful Harley-Davidson Cruiser On The Market Today

With performance, it also has a good blend of modern style and technology

The Least Powerful Harley-Davidson Touring Bike On The Market Today: Road Glide Limited

Power: 93 Horsepower

Considering that the Road Glide Limited is a bit larger than the usual models, it requires a big engine to effectively handle all the extra weight and efficiently operate for hours of riding without any breaks. Accordingly, the tourer is equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin as its stock engine. Generating 93 horsepower, the Road Glide Limited (and the Ultra Limited) rank as the least powerful models in Harley-Davidson’s touring class. However, it should be noted the figure is just 10 HP down on the most powerful touring models (2024 Road Glide and Street Glide). Then, you’ve got the CVO Road Glide ST that produces a whopping 127 horsepower. So while this full dresser is ranked as the “least-powerful” touring model, that shouldn’t suggest that it is weak by any means.

Able to deliver hefty amounts of horsepower and torque instantly, the Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin is the stock engine for almost half of Harley-Davidson’s current inventory today. What was once deemed the top-ranking performance engine of its time is now the current standard for many models in the Softail and Touring families. This is the perfect engine for a motorcycle that thrives on the highway. And best of all, its power output is fully manageable for riders with intermediate levels of experience so as to not overwhelm them.

Performance Specifications


Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin


114 cubic inches (1,740 cc)


93 HP


122-pound feet

Lean Angle, Right

32 degrees

Lean Angle, Left

32 degrees

Fuel Capacity

6 gallons

Fuel Economy

43 miles-per-gallon

Suited For A Supreme Comfort

For One Or Two Occupants

2024 Road Glide Limited Milwaukee-Eight 114

Because Harley-Davidson’s touring class is so popular, it attracts a diverse range of experienced riders. Some are more aggressive and would probably favor one of the new Road Glides or Street Glides. Others are more simple, to which, the Road King Special (the most affordable touring bike in H-D’s lineup) would be a viable choice. Then, there are those who take touring very seriously, which leads us to the full-dresser Road Glide Limited.

Equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine, this motorcycle packs a lot of power to promise the ability to go the distance. It’s designed to take on two riders and additional storage, meant for those who are hitting the highway for lengthy periods. This bike is built for road trips, courtesy of its supreme comfort level set to a high standard for both occupants. Then, there’s a generous amount of amenities and creature comforts to keep riders relaxed and entertained for hours of non-stop riding. It’s easy to understand why the Road Glide Limited is arguably one of the best long-distance touring bikes in Harley’s lineup.

Armed With Luxurious Niceties

Hours Of Miles And Relaxation

An action shot for 2023 Road Glide Limited followed by an Ultra Limited

Touring bikes have been renowned for their heavy emphasis on comfort and long-distance rides. After all, being able to ride non-stop for hours without getting tires is one of the primary selling points for any touring motorcycle. The Limited raises the bar for what top-tier comfort on a stock motorcycle should be. Its large, extra-cushy saddle makes both riders feel like they are riding on a leather couch. It also supplies floorboards for both the main rider and passenger, allowing both to rest their feet on a large, flat surface to keep them comfortable on both long hauls.

Meanwhile, the sleek Tour-Pak carrier mounted on the rear serves two functions. The first is providing additional storage for long trips, housing helmets, and other travel necessities. The second is serving as a large backrest for the passenger. So your partner would be able to sit back, relax, and soak in the scenery all day long.


The Most Value-For-Money Harley-Davidson Touring Bike On The Market Today

This touring bike boasts 105 horsepower and loads of high-tech features to justify the moolah

Its signature Sharknose fairing also helps absorb and deflect oncoming wind, dust, dirt, and debris out of the rider’s face. Additionally, it aids in allowing the bike to run at top highway speeds without any handlebar vibration. Equipped into the fairing is its touchscreen digital infotainment system that features Bluetooth compatibility with mobile devices, turn-by-turn navigation, saved rides, points of interest, and allows the rider to take calls (or listen to music). And in case you were wondering, the rear passenger has controls to switch through the radio stations! ‚Äč

Key Features Of The 2024 Harley-Davidson Road King Special

  • Sharknose fairing
  • Boom! Box GTS infotainment system
  • Premium Tour-Pak luggage carrier
  • Floorboards for rider and passenger
  • LED headlamps
  • USB charger
  • Passenger seat with backrest

The Ultimate Long-Haul Machine For Dedicated Tourers

2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Limited

At its very core, the Road Glide Limited is a definitive reminder of why touring motorcycles exist. They are big, and heavy, and they can dominate the highway for hours and hours. They make you want to run the odometer as high as possible, and they are prime examples of models with long-term ownership. The Road Glide Limited has been a big contender for extra-large touring bikes and with an MSRP starting at $32,999, customers will most certainly be getting a lot for what they pay for.

For riders who want to cruise across the country in style, and comfort, and have all the high-tech amenities of today, the Road Glide Limited is definitely a bike worth considering. If that isn’t enough to convince you, whoever is riding in the passenger seat will remind you how much comfort means to them as well. After looking at all of Harley-Davidson’s current inventory, hardly any other touring bike comes close. Yes, it may rank as the least powerful model in Harley’s touring lineup, but everything else shouts “flagship”. Not to mention, you can always invest in some Screamin’ Eagle engine upgrades that could definitely take the peak output to well beyond 100 ponies.


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