These Are The Best Luxury Touring Bikes Of 2022


Touring on a motorcycle is like roaming the Wild West while riding a horse with your supplies while crossing state lines. While the daily commute can get repetitive, touring is an endless adventure full of discoveries, and for some, the road becomes home.

You can go touring on almost any motorcycle, but some are equipped for a better touring experience. For instance, adventure bikes come with high ground clearance, making them ideal for tours that take you off-road. Also, some cruisers are capable on-road-touring machines.

If money is no object, you can buy a luxury touring bike and enjoy the best premium touring experience. These bikes come with couch-like comfort, extended storage and range, and pride plenty of tech gadgets to provide the maximum creature comfort possible. Read on to find our selection of the best luxury touring bikes you can buy in 2022.

8 Honda Goldwing Tour

via: Honda

For close to five decades, Honda’s luxury touring flagship has remained an icon and the benchmark for luxury tourers. Today, the Goldwing prides 47 years and six generations of refinement. Though the current model commands a higher price tag, it comes with a larger trunk, improved passenger accommodations with integrated grab handles, an electric windshield, and the human-machine interface that features dedicated switches and intuitive controls.

via: Honda

The Goldwing also has an impressive Dual Clutch Transmission that relieves some rider task load with accurate shifts.

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7 BMW K1600GTL

via bmw

For the 2022 model year, BMW did a significant update on the entire K 1600 lineup. They still feature the smooth and the powerful 1649cc inline-six engine that debuted in 2012, but with a few touch-ups. The K1600 GTL is BMW’s ultimate build for comfortable long-distance touring, and its looks give you the urge to go on a long ride. While a heavy bike, it is significantly lighter compared to other bikes in class.

2019 BMW K 1600 GTL Side Green Exterior
via bmw

The K1600 GTL starts at $26,895, which comes with increased comfort and luxury. This does not sacrifice the fun factor, since the bike handles beautifully around corners, with every aspect of the motorcycle exceptionally smooth.

6 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS

MV Agusta Turismo Veloco 800 Lusso
via mvagusta

Turismo Veloce means fast touring in Italian, so it is no surprise that this is one of the fastest bikes on this list, and some might argue it is out of place since MV Agusta is known more for motor racing than producing tourers. But the Italian luxury manufacturer unleashed the beautiful Turismo Veloso, and it is proof that sports tourers can look awesome.

via mvagusta

The bike features MV’s new Smart Clutch System that does the clutching for you. The bike is also designed to focus on the ride and pillion comfort, with aerodynamics ensuring airflow is channeled more comfortably around the rider to avoid helmet buffeting.

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5 Moto Guzzi MGX-21

This bike from Italy’s oldest and most traditional motorcycle manufacturer is rightly named because it has a heritage of covering serious miles while looking fashionable. It is the Italian interpretation of the American bagger, featuring a big V-twin, although the red-headed cylinders stick out sideways in a typical Moto Guzzi engine arrangement. The bike is aggressively styled, combining a batwing style handlebar fairing, a 21-inch front wheel and lots of carbon fiber cladding.

moto guzzi mgx21
via motoguzzi

The MGX-21 is an expensive bike, but it comes with a premium sound system, bags, and carbon-clad styling. Also, the dated looks is a welcome addition for fans looking for the classic American design.

4 BMW R1250RT


BMW’s premium sports tourer is now more technologically-advanced and comfortable than ever, thanks to a couple of updates. This sporty sibling of the adventure-focused R1250 GS represents a comfortable, fast sports tourer that boasts BMW’s latest generation of the capable boxer engine in an unexpectedly dynamic frame. While the bike looks intimidating thanks to its behemoth dimensions and weight, you quickly settle into the comfortable cockpit once you get riding.


Besides its refinement and high comfort, the bike is surprisingly agile for its size, making the R1250 RT one of the best big sports tourers money can buy.

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3 Indian Roadmaster Elite

Indian Roadmaster Elite
via indian motorcycle

The Elite trim of the Indian Roadmaster is a limited-run bike that makes what was arguably the ultimate touring machine even better with more power, technology and luxurious styling. The ultra-limited nature of the Elite is justified by having the highest level of luxury on two wheels. The bike’s 7” touchscreen is perhaps the largest, most responsive and most customizable infotainment system you will find on any motorcycle.

2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
via indian motorcycle

Wide aluminum footboards and leather passenger armrests offer the bike’s occupants a comfortable, luxurious feel. And there is lots of chrome on the Roadmaster elite, from the mirrors, bumpers, and hand controls. These give the bike a higher presence and character.

2 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Let the good times roll by picking one of the many paint options available

The shark-nosed Harley-Davidson Road Glide offers a smooth throttle response and punchy torque you would ask of a premium bagger. A Milwaukee-Eight 107 mill puts out 111lb-ft of torque, letting you roll on anywhere in the rev range. The cockpit is flush with luxurious infotainment offerings and is evidence of years of aesthetic refinement seen over its last generation.

2022 Harley-davidson road glide special
via harley-davidson

The Road Glide boasts a plush suspension system and premium paint options to provide the Harley-Davidson comfort and style that has helped it dominate the touring industry for years.

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1 Indian Challenger Limited

Indian challenger-limited_
via indian motorcycle

Most air-cooled tourers and baggers prioritize torque at the expense of horsepower, but not for the Indian Challenger Limited as it packs both. The big 108-cubic-inch punches out 122hp and 128lb-ft of torque, and this is for a bike that maxes out at 6,500rpm. Add a pair of spor tbike brakes and a modern suspension, and you have an American bagger like no other.

Indian challenger-limited
via indian motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle calls the Challenger a ‘sports bagger’ and is a great option for those who hate baggers or those coming from sportier categories of motorcycles. However, it comes with plenty of luxury features like big fairings, hard bags, and a host of dealer-installed accessories to make it a fast, capable tourer.


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