This Chinese Company Wants You To Ditch Your Gas-Powered MX Bike For Its EV


Electrification stands not just as the key to the future of the motorcycle industry, but also to elevate motorsports, too. This is particularly true in the off-road setting, where we’re seeing dirtbikes enjoying a second wind among young enthusiasts and seasoned pros alike.

Indeed, we’ve talked about tons of these electric off-roaders in the past, and it’s clear that a lot of them have the potential not just to match, but even exceed the levels of performance of the world’s top motocrossers.

One brand in particular is Caofen, a Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturer, which debuted its full-fledged FX motocrosser in the first round of the 2024 FIM E-Xplorer World Cup, where it finished in seventh place raking in 85 points. The e-bike was piloted by riders Yoshikazu Hosaka and Yuka Sugahara.

And the company wants you to have one, too.

The Caofen FX boasts full-on MX proportions.

The Caofen FX boasts full-on MX proportions.

Like many of these new electric dirtbikes, Caofen has quite a lot to say about its new e-motocrosser. On its website, you’ll find all the specs and details of the FX, all of which suggest that it’s nothing short of a top-tier machine.

For starters, Caofen says that the bike has a high-power electric motor with a maximum power output of 12,000 watts—that’s 16 horsepower. And while that may not seem like much, electric horsepower has a tendency to feel much stronger than ICE power. That’s because of the instantaneous and continuous power delivery of electric motors.

Making things even better is the bike’s battery, which Caofen calls a “Direct Immersion Liquid Cooled Battery.” According to Cafoen, this technology is the first in the world, and allows not just high temperature management, but also battery heating in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C. The company makes quite a bold claim, saying that its battery has eight times the thermal balance of a regular EV battery. Something that results in up to 50 percent less temperature rise… or so it claims.

Caofen's battery technology promises optimum performance in all weather conditions.

As for what makes this dirtbike a dirtbike, that’s to say, wheels, frame, and suspension, Caofen says that the FX makes use of a “Zero Weld Frame,” which is constructed out of a single piece of aluminum-magnesium alloy. The fact that it doesn’t have any welds means that it’s supposedly lighter and stiffer, translating to better handling. The FX also rolls on standard 21-18 wheels, and gets adjustable suspension front and rear.

The Caofen FX makes use of a one-piece

The Caofen FX makes use of a one-piece “no-weld” frame made of aluminum magnesium alloy

As for price, interestingly, the FX has been launched in Japan, where it commands 978,000 Yen, or the equivalent of about $6,238 USD—not bad, assuming it lives up to all the hefty claims it brings to the table.

Now, it’s easy to be overcome with excitement from all the allure that high-performance electric dirtbikes like the Caofen FX promise. But it’s also important to remember, that in the grand scheme of things, these electric off-roaders popped up pretty much yesterday, and technology is advancing so quickly that the cutting edge features of today could very easily transform into obsolete gimmicks of yesterday, all in what seems like the blink of an eye.

So yes, as cool and exciting as electric dirtbikes may seem at the moment, I’m probably sticking to my trusty ICE dual-sport. At least for now.


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