This Electric Sportbike Shares a Frame With an Electric Scooter


Minimalism has become a common design trend in today’s electric mobility scene. From sleek electric bicycles like those of Serial 1 to streamlined, high-performance electric motorcycles like the Verge TS Ultra, these machines embody the ethos of “less is more” through their styling.

That said, a duo of electric motorcycle concepts from Belin Design Office brings this idea to life. Headquartered in Indonesia, Belin Design Office specializes in graphic and product design across multiple industries. The two EV moto concepts dubbed the Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter appear to be the company’s first foray into the world of mobility.

These two-wheelers keep their styling incredibly simple, with the two models embracing “circular design” principles. Interestingly, despite being two completely different machines, both the M-1 Performance and CS-1 are based on the same foundation.

It all starts with an open frame. When situated with the opening facing upward, it serves as the foundation for the CS-1 City Scooter. The base of the frame serves as the floorboard, and the rest of the scooter—the front end, swingarm, and wheels, bolt directly onto this structure.

This Electric Sportbike Shares A Frame With An Electric Scooter

The J-shaped frame serves as the foundation for both the M-1 and CS-1.

Now, when you flip the frame over and have the opening pointing downwards, it creates the sporty backbone frame of the M-1 Performance. The front forks are mounted onto the headtube, and a swingarm is mounted onto the rear of the frame. The arch, which serves as the main support structure of the frame, follows the contour of a fuel tank on an ICE motorcycle, and the bike’s battery and electronics are housed within the frame.

Both concepts make use of a hub motor on the rear wheel. While performance enthusiasts tend to prefer mid-drive motors thanks to the central balance they provide, there’s no denying the simplicity and universal adaptability of a hub motor. It eliminates the need for a drive chain or belt, as well as sprockets and gears.

It’s quite literally a plug-and-play solution.

This Electric Sportbike Shares A Frame With An Electric Scooter
This Electric Sportbike Shares A Frame With An Electric Scooter

Indeed, the design of these two bikes is incredibly simple and effective, and showcases a very smart way of maximizing resources. Who would’ve thought that you could actually come up with two completely different motorcycles from a single foundation?

Of course, nearly endless configurations can be developed from both the M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter Platforms, too. Perhaps we’ll even see a more upright naked-style commuter based on the M-1, or maybe a utilitarian cargo model based on the CS-1?


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