Touring models with a lower seat from 2024


Seat height is the most important point of reference when looking for a low bike. However, the shape of the seat, the tank and the rider’s proportions also play an important role and ultimately influence whether or not you choose a bike that fits. So the lowest bike on this list doesn’t necessarily have to be the best bike for you! You can get an overview here, but only seat tests or test rides will give you certainty.

Some of the best Touring A2 models for small users with a low seat height 2024

For a better comparison, let’s first look at the touring cars in the A2 driving license category. Then we’ll find all the low-cylinder Touring/Trail bikes with more than 48 hp.

You might think that A2 bikes would have significantly lower seat heights, given their limited power and low weights. But the reality is different. Interestingly, the lowest Touring/Trail A2 with a seat height of 800 mm is the Benelli TRK 502, which is therefore taller than its bigger sister, the TRK 702. However, when it comes to accessibility, seat height isn’t the only relevant factor, as mentioned above. The best example of this is the TRK 502, on which you sit very low and deeply integrated into the bike, but from there you also have to move a record weight of 235 kg for an A2 bike. The new Royal Enfield Himalayan is therefore recommended for shorter A2 riders. At 825 mm, the seat height is significantly higher, but the narrow waist, low center of gravity and a weight of 196 kg still make it very accessible. With a seat height of 830 millimeters, the KTM 390 Adventure and the Honda NX500 are no longer quite so low, but they are still among the 5 lowest A2 Touring/Trail bikes. Unfortunately, neither the Austrian nor the Japanese models offer a lower seat in their own accessories. Apparently, the manufacturers believe that A2 riders don’t need it, because this additional option is often absent in the A2 segment.

As mentioned above, the Benelli TRK 702 is extremely low. A standard seat height of 790 mm is something no other large Touring/Trail can come close to without modifications. However, with accessory seats and lowers, all offered by the manufacturer from the factory, the circumstances become quite different. The Moto Guzzi V85 TT and Ducati Multistrada V2 have a standard seat height of 830 mm, which is well below average, but the accessory lowered seats add 20 mm and increase the seat height to 810 mm. The Triumph Tiger 900 GT can also be lowered from 820 mm to 800 mm, the Suzuki V-Strom 800 from 825 mm to 805 mm and the adventurous Suzuki V-Strom 650 from 835 mm to 815 mm.

The Bavarians take this lowering work very seriously. Five different seat variants are offered for the GS models, including two lower variants, and the entire vehicle is also lowered. With a seat height of 815 mm, the BMW F 750 GS is already one of the lowest enduro tourers. The extra-low seat lowers it to 780 mm, and the lowered seat even to an extremely accessible 760 mm. Even with very short legs, the F 750 GS should provide good ground stability. However, this cannot be determined with certainty on the basis of seat height alone, since the width of the bike’s waist, the shape of the seat and the rider’s proportions also have an influence here. That’s why BMW also specifies the length of the crotch arch (measured from one sole of the foot to the other along the inside of the legs) for the descent. This length is 1,770 mm with the F 750 GS’s extra-low seat and 1,730 mm with the lowering kit. For off-road enthusiasts, the BMW F 850 GS with its 21-inch front wheel is probably more interesting. With a seat height of 860 mm as standard, it’s a typical high-end Touring/Trail. With the extra-low seat, however, you only need to go up 825 mm and find a secure footing with a crotch arc length of 1,850 mm. With the seat lowered, the seat height is only 805 mm and the crotch arch is 1810 mm. No other 21-inch touring bike suitable for off-road use can go so low.


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