Verge Motorcycles Is Trying to Sell Motorcycles Out of Retail Shops


Finnish electric motorcycle company Verge Motorcycles is one we’ve talked about quite a bit in the past, as the company ushered in many firsts with its TS electric motorcycle. Quite notably, its unique hubless rear wheel design.

Naturally, a bike as radical as that would build some hype. And it seems that Verge is ready to answer that hype by entering the US market.

That’s right, Verge Motorcycles is opening its first two US retail stores, both of which are situated in the heart of California. Verge sees Cali as the perfect venue for the brand’s US launch as lots of people drive and ride EVs there.

George Blankenship Appointed As Verge Motorcycles’ Chief Revenue Officer

George Blankenship is spearheading Verge’s retail expansion in the US.

Verge Motorcycles hired none other than George Blankenship to spearhead the brand’s retail expansion. In case you weren’t aware, Blankenship was instrumental in the rapid retail success of the likes of Apple and Tesla.

In the case of Verge, Blankenship intentionally positioned the showrooms in high-traffic areas so as to catch the attention not just of enthusiasts, but tech-curious individuals, too.

“I see the same potential in Verge as I did at Apple two decades ago and Tesla one decade ago when those companies set out to completely redefine their industries. I want Verge to be positioned wherever lots of people are spending time on a regular basis finding new things they might be surprised to see. Westfield Century City is one of the best shopping centers in the world, making it a perfect place for us to start our store operations in the United States.” – George Blankenship

Verge’s two store locations are at the Westfield Century City Shopping Center in Los Angeles, which opened its doors on June 1, 2024, and at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, whose opening is set for June 6, 2024.

Verge’s electric motorcycles don’t require proprietary infrastructure to charge. Instead, they make use of Tesla’s NACA charging connector, something that’s pretty common across California. This has been at the very core of Verge, with its bikes being compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network from the very beginning.

Speaking of the beginning, this is really just the start for Verge Motorcycles in the US. The company recently unveiled quite a number of innovations on US soil.

During the LA Auto Show, Verge showcased its upcoming Starmatter platform, boasting advanced safety and tech features. Meanwhile, at CES, Verge announced Starmatter Vision for its TS Ultra, giving the high-performance EV moto integrated cameras and radar sensors.


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