Volvo’s Most Important Car Of The Year Will Be Delivered Without Crucial Features


Key Takeaways

  • Volvo has reportedly notified EX90 customers that some in-car features may be delayed.
  • Some of the luxury and safety functions that have been delayed include wireless Apple CarPlay, bidirectional charging, and cross-traffic alert.
  • The automaker has not said what has caused the delay, but the EX90 has previously suffered from software problems.

After several delays, the new Volvo EX90 has finally entered production at the company’s South Carolina plant. The electric luxury SUV is packed with luxury and technological features, but it seems not all these amenities will be available to owners first.

Citing an email from an EX90 customer, Motor1 reports that some safety and luxury functions will be kept back at first. The email reads that these features “may be delayed when taking delivery of your EX90.” This includes wireless Apple CarPlay, bidirectional charging, cross-traffic alert, curve speed assist, and the full capability of the LiDAR system. CarBuzz has contacted Volvo for more information and will update the article once we receive a reply.

2025 Volvo EX90 AWD


Single-speed Automatic

496 hp

671 lb-ft

Battery Size
111 kWh

Owners May Lose Battery Charge While The EX90 Is Parked

And it’s not just delayed features that may annoy customers. The email reportedly claims that the EX90 could potentially lose up to 3% of its battery charge when parked and not connected to a charger. This is because the EX90’s core computer must run in the background to power “highly advanced functions.” After 72 hours, this stops as the car enters a “sleep” mode to preserve the battery. This means owners can lose up to 9% of their charge, even when the vehicle isn’t used.

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While not as annoying as the abovementioned niggles, the infotainment display and digital dials will only be available with the dark theme; the light theme will arrive with an over-the-air update. According to the email, the missing features will eventually reach customers via OTA updates. However, some customers may need to take their vehicles to a Volvo dealership to obtain the missing features.

Could It Be A Software Issue?

Volvo hasn’t said why these features have been delayed, but it may be related to a software problem. Initially due to enter production in 2023, Volvo was forced to delay building the EX90 due to LiDAR software-related issues. At the time, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan said production would have to be pushed back by six months due to the “complexity of the software code.” Rowan added that Volvo is developing a lot of the code themselves. “We wanted to make sure that the first time we put LiDAR into our safety stackā€¦ it operates in the way it should.”


Volvo Crashed An EX90 Into An EX30 To See What Happens When Safety Tech Fails

They escaped mostly unscathed because, you know, they’re Volvos.

As a reminder, the entry-level Twin Motor Plus 7-seater EX90 costs $76,695. Pricing goes up to $86,545 for the range-topping Ultra 6-seater. While that’s considerably more than the gas-powered XC90 (starting price of $57,895), the EX90 is very well-priced compared to rivals from Mercedes, BMW, and Tesla. However, the ultra-luxurious EX90 Excellence will carry a considerably higher price tag when it arrives.



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