Winter car checks to do in January, according to experts


From icy roads to reduced visibility, motorists know all too well that winter can be a testing time for their vehicles.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to ensure your car is prepped for these harsh conditions.

With this in mind, the motor insurance experts have revealed some of the most essential car checks you must carry out this winter. 

These car maintenance checks should not only equate to a cheaper MOT or service when the time comes but also a safer journey too.

Here are five checks you should be carrying out this month, according to the team at

5 car maintenance checks to do this winter

Check your battery 

Cold weather can be tough on your car’s battery, and can actually end up reducing its efficiency and power.

Ensure your battery is in good condition and fully charged ahead of the winter months.

Look out for signs of corrosion on the battery terminals and consider getting it tested by a professional if it’s more than three years old.

Make sure your tyres are legal 

Tyres are your vehicle’s only point of contact with the road, making their condition paramount for safe driving.

Check your tyres’ tread depth, pressure, and overall condition regularly during the winter, to not only ensure that they’re road-worthy when tested, but also so they’re safe enough for you to drive.

Remember, cold temperatures can decrease tyre pressure, so adjusting your tyre pressure may be necessary. Also, consider switching to specialised winter tyres for improved traction.

Check your lights

With shorter days and frequent foggy conditions, visibility can be significantly reduced during winter.

Ensure all your vehicle lights, including headlights, tail lights, turning signal lights, hazard lights and brake lights are working correctly.

Clean your lights regularly to remove grime and ensure they’re shining brightly.

Barrhead News: Check your wiper blades for signs of wear and replace them if necessary. ( Getty Images)Check your wiper blades for signs of wear and replace them if necessary. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Fill up your antifreeze

Antifreeze, or coolant, is essential during winter to prevent the water in your car’s engine from freezing.

Check your antifreeze levels and top up if necessary, a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is usually recommended.

However, remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions or seek advice from a professional if you’re unsure.

Windscreen and Wipers

Clear visibility is critical for safe driving so check your windscreen for chips or cracks and get any damage repaired promptly.

It’s also essential to keep the windscreen clean both inside of the car and outside.

Also, check your wiper blades for signs of wear and replace them if necessary. 

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Paul Daly, Director of, said: “Winter puts an enormous strain on your vehicle, and regular maintenance often isn’t enough. It’s crucial to ensure your car is winter-ready to avoid potential breakdowns and ensure a safer journey, no matter the conditions. 

“In addition to the checks we’ve listed, it’s advisable to carry an emergency winter kit in your car. This kit should include items like a blanket, shovel, torch, first aid kit, food and drink supplies, and de-icer and scraper. It’s better to be safe than sorry should you encounter any unexpectedly severe winter conditions.

“As we traverse into the winter season, let’s prioritise our safety and the reliability of our vehicles by conducting these essential car checks. Be vigilant, be prepared, and drive safely. May your winter journeys be full of joy and devoid of car troubles”. 


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