Yamaha updates TMAX maxi scooter for 2020


The Yamaha TMAX has become a defining scooter in what has grown to be an enormously large market for big, powerful and expensive scooters; it’s just that the UK is just a little behind the rest of Europe in acknowledging how good they are!

The first generation of the TMAX was launched in 2001 and has sold more than 275,000 units over the last 18 years. This latest, seventh generation, model is aiming to subtly improve on the recipe that has worked so well for Yamaha to date.

Changes for 2020 include a larger and more powerful engine, a redesigned set of bodywork as well as a host of other changes aimed at keeping it ahead of rivals like the Suzuki Burgman 650.

For 2020 the new TMAX gets a jump in performance with a 560cc, two-cylinder engine equipped with new lightweight aluminium forged pistons and newly-designed con rods. 

The increase in cubic capacity has been achieved by increasing the bore dimensions by 2mm to 70mm – and despite its 6% increase in capacity, the new engine’s reciprocating parts weigh just 1% more than previously.

Power is up by 3.5% and peak torque by 6% and Yamaha claims this translates into much stronger acceleration across the rev range. The new engine is fully compliant with Euro5 emissions regulations.

The tail section has been made narrower to make it easier for the rider, and particularly the passenger, to get on and off the scooter. This has included redesigning the pillion footrests to make it easier for the pillion to locate them with their feet.

Gearing changes thanks to a redesigned CVT belt give the new TMAX a more relaxed feel at cruising speeds; this is also responsible for improved acceleration.

New LED indicators have been built into the new fairing with Yamaha claiming the overall styling is more ‘edgy’.

It’s not just about the looks though as practical touches including the underseat storage area will accept one full-face crash helmet or two ‘jet’ style helmets and is lockable and waterproof too.

Other detail changes include a revised cooling system, larger radiator, newly designed air ducts, a new low-noise plastic resin chain tensioner and the traction control system has been fine-tuned for improved rider feel when it intervenes to reduce wheelspin.

As well as a standard TMAX there is also a higher specification TMAX Tech MAX which gets a higher spec list as standard; and this includes an electrically-adjustable windscreen, cruise control, heated grips and a heated seat too. The rear suspension is adjustable and the front suspension forks legs are now gold, not black.


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