2024 British Arenacross Championship Finale Results


Cycle News Staff | February 28, 2024

The final round of the British Arenacross Championship took place at London’s Wembley Arena, February 24, where an electric-powered motorcycle clinched the title while going up against a field of combustion-powered motorcycles.

British rider Jack Brunell, riding for the Stark Future Racing team, took the number-one plate.

Jack Brunell at 2024 British Arenacross Championship Finale
Jack Brunell won the British Arenacross Championship aboard a battery-powered Stark Varg motorcycle.

Stark issued a statement, saying, “Brunell made history by clinching the first-ever track racing championship win on an electric vehicle versus combustion. This groundbreaking achievement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric technology in motorsport especially for Stark Future, the innovative company that defied skeptics to pave the way for this historic win.”

After 10 years of fighting for a Championship victory, London-born Brunell showcased his skill and tenacity aboard his Stark Varg. With double points on offer, Brunell clinched third overall in the Pro main event, winning his first-ever British Arenacross title by 34 points.

“The victory not only highlighted Brunell’s prowess and patience as a rider but also served as a testament to the cutting-edge technology and unwavering determination of Stark Future in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Stark in a release.

“Under ACU Regulations, the 2024 British Arenacross Championship marked the inaugural occasion where electric motorcycles competed directly with combustion engines in such a high-stakes competition. The challenge was immense, with many doubting the capability of the Stark Varg to compete at such a high level. Brunell’s victory unequivocally demonstrates that electric technology is not only competitive but also capable of succeeding in fair and transparent competition, earning its rightful place alongside the dominant combustion counterparts in the industry.”

Jack Brunell at 2024 British Arenacross Championship Finale
Brunell battled a field of combustion motorcycles en route to the championship.

“After our first win in Belfast, I showed everyone what the bike was capable of!” said Brunell. “Coming to the final round in London, was very stressful and, I felt the pressure, but I and the team managed to do it.”

“This is more than we ever imagined,” said Anton Wass, CEO & Founder of Stark Future “Thank you, Jack, for making this a reality. We couldn’t have dreamed for more. Jack is the first rider in history to ever win a championship on an electric bike against combustion in any series!” CN

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