CARS24 launches Fourdoor multi-brand car repair and maintenance service


CARS24 has announced the launch of Fourdoor, a vehicle maintenance and repair service designed to extend the life of cars through expert care and genuine parts.

The car service and repair market in India is largely unorganised, with many customers feeling the strain of high costs at OEM workshops. After the free service period offered by OEMs ends, many car owners seek alternative options but face significant challenges, including a lack of genuine spare parts, non-transparent billing procedures, and delays in service delivery. These issues leave car owners frustrated and searching for trustworthy solutions, the company shared.

Recognising this gap in the market, CARS24 has introduced Fourdoor as a reliable service provider for car service and repair. Fourdoor is designed to address and eliminate common frustrations for customers, ensuring that each service is performed to the highest standards. By doing so, The service helps customers avoid costly repairs down the line, ultimately saving them money and extending the life of their vehicles.

As a multi-brand service platform, Fourdoor caters to all car brands, ensuring that every vehicle receives the highest quality care.

“For us, ‘Right Service, Right Price, Right Now’ is more than just a tagline—it’s our promise to you,” said Gajendra Jangid, Co-Founder of CARS24. “We’re excited to introduce Fourdoor, a name that reflects the comprehensive care we offer for all car owners, just like the four doors on most cars that provide easy access. Car service and repair is one of the biggest pain points in the used car category. Over the past 12 months, we have worked extensively with our customers to understand the gaps in the market and have built a solution that caters to all their needs.”

“Fourdoor transforms car care in India by focusing on transparent and timely service with genuine spare parts. This marks the beginning of a new era in multi-brand car care in India. Data shows that regular, quality maintenance can extend a car’s lifespan by up to 50%, and our expertise ensures your vehicle receives top-notch care right when you need it. We understand the need for reliable, efficient, and transparent service, and we’re here to deliver just that. As dedicated car care experts with years of experience, our goal is to make car maintenance as seamless and satisfying as driving itself”, he said.

Fourdoor is currently live in Gurugram only, with plans to expand the service to other major cities soon. Service packages begin at just Rs 3,199, tailored to each car according to manufacturer guidelines. This service is not just about maintaining cars but enhancing the overall ownership experience, ensuring every vehicle is at its best, thus promoting longevity and better performance at a lesser cost.

“We see Fourdoor as a critical piece of our ecosystem, which supports car owners throughout their automotive journey,” Jangid added. “CARS24 aims to be the go-to platform for all automotive needs. Fourdoor embodies our vision of making car care hassle-free and utterly transparent.”


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