Meet The Cybertruck-Like Electric Scooter: The Infinite Machine P1



  • Infinite Machine’s P1 e-scooter offers an edgy, industrial design inspired by tech giants like Tesla and Apple.
  • Learning from the failures of other EV startups, Infinite Machine focuses on managing cash flow and resources efficiently.
  • Targeting urban professionals, the P1 is designed to revolutionize city commuting with smart features and maneuverability.

Modern electric vehicles, as we now know them, have been around for quite a while now. Pick any big city, and you’ll see a swarm of Teslas, hybrids, and other EVs cruising around. They’ve become ubiquitous enough that most people simply treat them as they would any other vehicle. That’s not quite the case with electric motorcycles and scooters, however. At least, not in the U.S., where motorcycle owners tend to be a bit more traditional and conservative when it comes to embracing new technologies.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been any successes. Though not as popular as traditional internal combustion bikes, companies like Zero, Harley-Davidson Livewire, Kawasaki, and BMW have been introducing electric bikes to the market for a few years now. Despite these modest successes, no one’s been able to crack it quite just yet. But maybe, they’ve all been approaching this problem from the wrong direction. Enter Infinite Machine’s P1: a cyberpunk, urban e-scooter aiming to drastically change how we commute on two wheels.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data and quotes used for this article were sourced from Eddie and Joseph Cohen, founders of Infinite Machine.


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Practical Yet Edgy Industrial Design

It’s easy to see how this scooter would appeal to someone that’s interested in ultra-modern design aesthetics. Chances are, you’d stumbled onto this article because you’re a fan of tech giants like Tesla and Apple. The P1’s clean, minimalist look is very much from the book of Jony Ive, an industrial design genius who spearheaded much of Apple’s groundbreaking visual language.

We built P1 because we were uninspired by the products on the market. On the low end, they are plastic vehicles with lousy performance and tech. On the high end, they’re built by legacy companies not well-fitted to electric vehicle design/tech/product sensibilities (it’s like Fiat vs. Tesla).

The founders seem to be leaning hard into the same gospel of design, performance, technology, and utility as their heroes. The P1 boasts a claimed 55 miles-per-hour top speed, long range, and quick acceleration. The company is also utilizing planar anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel chassis to withstand busy urban environments, like New York, and eventual mass production challenges. It’s an ambitious promise, meant to beat out other e-scooters on the market. But how much of that will prove to be true, remains to be seen. The real-world reviews will tell the true story, as they so often do. But what has come out thus far, has been promising.

Learning From Failures Of Other EV Startups

Infinite-Machine-P1 Urban-07
Infinite Machine

Recent news has brought us some bad tidings in the world of electric motorcycles. Two companies that had tremendous promise had fallen on hard times. First was the troublesome reports of Sondors going under. They’d made huge waves by introducing an inexpensive, great-looking EV that had decent specs and a fraction of the cost of something like the LiveWire One. They’d even delivered a few of the models to the owners before seemingly being crushed by their own lofty ambitions. The other case study is CAKE, the Scandinavian company producing funky-looking dirt bikes and scooters. They, too, have taken a turn for the worse, and were last seen filing for bankruptcy.

Watching what happened with startups like Sondors and CAKE has been incredibly instructive for us. First and foremost, managing cash flow is critical. It’s about more than just balancing books; it’s ensuring we have the resources to create the best possible product while staying disciplined and lean.

Infinite Machine seems to be actively paying attention to what is happening to its competitors. The Cohen brothers have surrounded themselves with a team of experts in engineering, manufacturers, and marketing, and have made dedication to their customers an obsession. They also hint at a deeper pool of industry know-how by signaling their commitment to a healthy cash flow, a connection to a solid supply chain, and a strong discipline to staying the course. Of course, it’s one thing to make a solid plan. None of it will matter if they can’t deliver.

Is The P1 More Than Just Vaporware?

Infinite-Machine-P1 Urban-08
Infinite Machine

Electric motorcycle companies seem to have been popping up overnight these past few years. Some have been around for a while, without actually delivering a single unit to a customer. Yet they continue to fund themselves, with a promise of mind-blowing speeds, torque figures, and ranges. Relatively newer companies like Zero and Energica have successfully crossed over that line between vaporware and honest-to-goodness real bikes that riders like you can buy and ride. Others like Damon continue to drag us through promises after empty promises.

We have funding from top investors, and the financial runway to reach production and grow the business sustainably. We have relationships with key suppliers and manufacturing partners to mitigate risks around procurement and production. This groundwork allows us to scale up efficiently.

Again, Infinite Machine appears to be reading the proverbial room intelligently. They have seen what leads to success, and what mistakes cannot be recovered from. And perhaps they’re that much more prepared than their earlier peers ever were, because of that extensive research. It’s too early to tell, however, what kind of disruption the P1 will provide to the market. Will it be the next Zero or just another Sondors? The answer to that will likely depend on how the riding community will receive the P1. And whether that matters at all in the long run.


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Targeting The Right Motorcycle Rider

Infinite-Machine-P1 Urban-06
Infinite Machine

One thing, right out of the gate, is that the P1 is not for the traditional biker. If the way your bike sounds, shakes, and rattles is the most important thing to you about riding, don’t bother moaning about this scooter. It’s not made for you, and Infinite Machine doesn’t care that you don’t like it. The Cohens are approaching city commuting from a whole different perspective. Their goal is to capture young, urban professionals who already utilize EVs like electric bicycles and scooters.

We don’t consider ourselves motorcycle manufacturers; we are making tools for getting around cities, not recreational vehicles. P1’s maneuverability, removable batteries, and smart features like theft detection and CarPlay are all designed around the needs of city dwellers looking to get to their destination faster while avoiding parking hassles.

But that is not to say that the P1 will be the be-all-end-all of Infinite Machine. According to the Cohens, long-term plans for other vehicles are in development, even as the P1 is just starting to ramp up its development. This hypothetical range of vehicles would be designed to meet a variety of needs. The Cohens are holding the details close to their chest, though.

Regardless, their goal is to produce this family of two-wheeled vehicles that can be taken advantage of by all types of riders. Even those who are highly skeptical of the emerging methods of transportation. It all stems from their belief that fewer cars in the city would be beneficial to everyone. And who can argue with having less pollution, traffic, and accidents? Let’s just hope that Infinite Machine can deliver on that lofty promise. Of course, first, they’ll need to get the P1 into production, and into our hands.


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