The 5 Features That Helped Me Choose My First Luxury Car

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Becoming a self-made millionaire usually entails hard work, patience, persistence and great business ideas. While many of them know the value of saving their money and not overspending, they also sometimes splurge on luxury items.

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So what do these individuals value when it comes to choosing a luxury car?

GOBankingRates asked a few of them which features they were looking for when they bought their luxury car. Here is what they had to say.

Performance and Power

For Peter Langston, Managing Director, World 50, buying your first luxury car is “a huge deal.”

“It’s not just about the car; it’s about celebrating your hard work and success,” he said. “When I hit that milestone and decided to buy my first luxury car, I knew it had to be special. After some serious consideration, I went with the Jaguar F-Type convertible.”

Some of the features he looked at were performance and power.

“Let’s be honest: I wanted a car that packs a punch,” he said. “The Jaguar F-Type convertible has that in spades. Its supercharged V6 and V8 engines make it a beast on the road. I wanted something that would give me that thrill of speed and precision handling, and the F-Type delivered. Every drive feels like an adventure.”

Design and Aesthetics

Additional features that mattered to Langston were the car’s design.

“The sleek, stylish design of the Jaguar F-Type immediately caught my eye. Its aerodynamic lines and bold stance make it a head-turner. The convertible top adds that extra cool factor, perfect for enjoying sunny drives. The interior is just as impressive, with luxurious materials and a sophisticated layout,” he said.

Super Fast and Tech Features

Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal, said that when choosing his first luxury car — a Tesla Model Y Performance — the decision was driven by the need for a new vehicle after his 15-year-old car gave out after 184,000 miles.

“I wanted something super fast, capable of road trips, and equipped with the latest technology and safety features,” said Caballero. “The Tesla’s 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, full self-driving capabilities, and minimalistic interior were significant factors. I ordered it on May 12 and took delivery on June 15.”

Langston also said for him, technology was an important criterion.

“The F-Type is loaded with state-of-the-art features. The infotainment system is intuitive and easy to use, keeping me connected and entertained on the go,” he added.

Brand Reputation, Exclusivity and Personal Connection

Another factor that mattered to Langston was that Jaguar has a legendary reputation.

“I wanted my first luxury car from a brand known for quality, sophistication, and performance. Jaguar’s rich history and commitment to excellence resonated with me,” he said.

In addition, he said that for him, “a luxury car should make a statement.”

“As a self-made millionaire, I wanted a car that reflected my achievements and hard work. The F-Type’s distinctive design and prestigious brand name made it the perfect choice,” he added.

Langston added that buying a car is a personal decision and he wanted one he could feel passionate about.

“The F-Type was more than just a vehicle; it was a reward for my success and a reflection of my journey,” he said.


Meanwhile, for Brenda Christensen, CEO of Stellar Public Relations, the most important feature for her was safety.

“That was a priority,” she said.  “My father used to be the speech writer for the head of R&D for Chrysler and, being from Detroit, I’m aware of the importance of vehicle safety.”

In addition, she was also on the lookout for the largest vehicle she could find and for her- that meant a luxury SUV.

“Also, for a tax write off, it had to be heavy and at least 8K lbs. So that was a no-brainer,” she added. “I’ve been a self-made millionaire for decades now and I’ve never been one to splurge on exotic cars, unless you count my mint 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.”

She said she finally “took the plunge and bought a Jeep Grand Wagoneer with all of the bells and whistles.”

“Honestly, it’s amazing in its luxurious accommodations – Netflix on demand, massaging heated and cooled seats and the list goes on and on,” said Christensen. “Unfortunately, it’s given me a lot of mechanical problems and not one I recommend buying. In fact, I was able to dissuade several friends from purchasing this vehicle. For a six-figures plus purchase, it’s been very disappointing.”

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